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#1 2013-10-06 20:59:47

Registered: 2013-05-03
Posts: 566

r786 - check keys within nonce2key

Hey, I noticed that as of r786, there is a built-in functionality within nonce2key that checks the key candidates using mf check keys. Since "hf mf mifare" expects nonce2keys to just return a candidate which may be bad, it also checks it the same way. So, the keys is checked twice.

I haven't modified anything yet, but I suggest that we remove the check from hf mf mifare...


#2 2015-01-18 18:07:02

Registered: 2013-04-25
Posts: 9,501

Re: r786 - check keys within nonce2key

Old thread, but did you remove the extra check ?


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