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#1 2020-03-26 10:56:19

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ISO15693 icode slix tag

Hey people,

I've got a filter with a RFID tag on it, here is a screen of the type of tag:

[+]   UID  : E0 04 01 50 12 C2 5B CD
[+]   TYPE : NXP(Philips); IC SL2 ICS20/ICS21(SLI) ICS2002/ICS2102(SLIX) ICS2602(SLIX2)
[+]   SYSINFO : 00 0F CD 5B C2 12 50 01 04 E0 00 00 1B 03 01
[+]      - DSFID supported        [0x00]
[+]      - AFI   supported        [0x00]
[+]      - IC reference supported [0x01]
[+]      - Tag provides info on memory layout (vendor dependent)
[+]            4 (or 3) bytes/blocks x 28 blocks

So what the tag does is telling what sort of filter it is and howmany hours it has been used for.
I've got myself a PM3 V4 and a Magic card ISO15693 with the same amount of blocks and i succesfully rewrote the magic card into a working tag.

Now i have a few wonders left, one is in what blocks the hours will be saved, i have a screenshot of a filter on 514 hours and one at 512 hours, i cannot get to understand out of what data it get's those hours from.

This is the Dump when the filter has 514 hours:

and this is the Dump when the filter has 512 Hours:

Can anyone help me figure out what block data is related to those hours?

Another question i have is, since i can also write to every block on the original Tag ( tested writing to every block and worked).
Can i then assume it has no password?

I'm getting my hands on some original tags soon so i can test writing the same data stored on the one i got to those and see what happens.

Also, i can only find ISO15693 changeable UID's in Card form, anyone knows if they exist in stickers too? i got my magic card with my PM3 and it was like 20 euro. Any cheaper sites for them?

Would love to see your inputs on this!



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