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#1 2019-11-19 15:36:28

Registered: 2019-11-14
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Mifare Classic 1k card on Hid Multiclass Reader


I have several Hid R40 se multiclass readers(high compatibility) with standard keyset. Running a Wiegand interception tool to gather access control data from the readers when cards are swiped.

Iclass legacy cards output in 26 bit H10301 format.

Mifare Classic cards with 4 byte UID output the 32 bit UID value.

I found a reference in HID documentation which I found interesting.

When reading ISO 14443A cards
(MIFARE®/ DESFire®), the reader can
be configured to output 26-bit, 32-bit
(MSB), 32-bit (LSB), 34-bit, 40-bit or
56-bit Wiegand formats based on the
CSN (card serial number).

Anyone know what the serial number range needs to in to output in 26 bit format or is this specific to a custom reader configuration? Any default ranges?

Another interesting bit of info is that it appears the hid application data can be encoded on Sector 1 of Mifare cards.

Does anyone know what the format or Sector 1 should look like?

Thank you


#2 2020-01-15 13:17:03

Registered: 2019-11-14
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Re: Mifare Classic 1k card on Hid Multiclass Reader

I see HID sells HID MIFARE Classic/HID Prox 1431 Combo Card

Anyone ever come across one or able to provide what the block layout looks like? From my reading it appears the Mifare data is written to output 26 bit H10301 format on a HID iclass reader.

Thank You


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