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About standalone modes

Welcome to the jungle.

Let me repeat,  the proxmark3 device is not a tool for beginners.

Is it for me ?

It should be pointed out quite early that the proxmark3 is not really for beginners. If you are not already fairly familiar with electronics, embedded programming, some RF design and ISO standards, this device will probably bring you more frustration than anything else ! Users that do not understand the basic principles behind RFID may have difficulty using the device. … it-for-me-

About standalone modes

When it comes to standalone modes,  it usually is a dedicated firmware with the specialized mode you might want to try out.
There is no standard to it.  Its down to compiling different proxmark3 repositories on GitHub and have knowledge on what is going on. There firmwares usually doesn't come with a lot of documentation.  There might be blogposts / youtube videoclips to demostrate it. Google is your friend.

Secondly,  you will need an powersource for your device.  RDV20 has battery,  but for RDV40 you will need a split usb cable connected to a powerbank.   Those of you who want to connect with your android phone,  remember that the phone can't not power the pm3 device properly.  You must have a power bank hooked up.

Luckily Corey over at Exploitagency decided to make things a bit easier.  If you want to go down standalone modes,  I suggest you start your exploration here: … f-emulator

All your questions regarding standalone modes should be directed to the person who owns the specific github repo.   Use the Github issues page in order to have easy communications.   Don't expect to get answers since these repos has not been touched for years.

Iceman fork has tried to merge a lot of these standalone modes,  but it require recompilation and source code changes in order to active them.  Information about that process is in the source code folder.   *not for beginners*

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