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#1 2015-02-23 04:29:46

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lf modulating

I'd like to build a sim command for NRZ/Direct modulation.  i've been looking through the Modulating on and off toggles for LF and I don't see a way to simulate what NRZ/Direct appears to do.  i can make the wave high or low but not middle...  half modulated?  it appears this is not implemented yet in LF, or have i missed something? 

I'm going to continue attempting to learn more about the code that exists and see where i can get to, but if anyone more familiar with the code wants to chime in I'd appreciate it greatly.  smile


NRZ doesn't half modulate to the middle it just can't sustain the power when an antenna is left modulating(or not modulating) for long periods of time. (therefore it appears to drop off until it settles near the middle)

NRZ only has two antenna states (like all rfid)  Modulating or NOT.  it just tends to hold it longer than any other modulation type.


#2 2015-02-23 09:53:37

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Re: lf modulating

Isn't full power = 1 ,  no power = 0,   how about you find a  half power state?


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